Open Studio at International Quilt Festival Chicago

Open Studio Binding Demo

Here are a few pictures taken over the weekend at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. Was wonderful to have questions asked and be able to teach something different. Thanks to Emily Lang for your cheering on and support. And thanks to Maureen Koepp, my new friend and assistant. It was a blast.


  1. Hello, dear quilt-friends !
    May I to ask ? Where is this your OPEN STUDIO AT INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL CHICAGO ? Thing is I`m going to visit Chicago in September or October 2014 and with pleasure to visit your Studio.
    I’m quilter from Russia. Welcome to my blog :
    If somebody would like to pen-pal with me I would be glad.
    The Best wishes! Natalia


      1. Thank you for reply, Judy!
        Now I’m waiting visa till the end July.
        I can say that I visit as tourist and private person. I have been in Chicago 3 years ago. After getting visa I`ll write you more.
        Have a wonderful time. Natalia


      2. Hello, Judy!
        Now I can say, that I’m going to be in Chicago in during October, starting with the first numbers, may be from 8 Oct, I have not a rigid schedule, so we can keep in touch here through internet, if you don`t mind. I would be glad to meet.
        I should say, that my English not so good : I understand alive speech bad, worse than I write, but I love English and I try )))
        Best regards.


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