Lake House Quilts and Art Retreats is owned and operated by Judy Tucker of Crete, Illinois. After many years of quilting and quilt piecing, she decided it was time open her own business. When not rescuing shelties or creating her own quilts, she can be found providing quilting services for her niche community, teaching or offering personalized retreats.

Quilting and quilt piecing is enjoyed by many people as a hobby, pastime, or even as a way to earn a living. Your quilts reflect your love and passion for the art of quilting and provide an outlet to express your personality and showcase your talents. Adding machine stitching to your quilt tops with our long arm quilting machine brings a whole new dimension and texture to your quilts. Lake House Quilts and Art Retreats dedication to this stitching will complement and enhance your piecing skills.

Making a quilt top involves a great deal of time, effort, and expense. Be assured that Lake House Quilts will treat your quilts with the same eye to detail and loving care that you have sewn into your quilt. Continue here to learn more including our pricing.