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The Quilters Trunk

When a Longarm Quilter gets the opportunity to add to someones creative piece it is a very exciting moment with ideas swirling all around. What pattern would best go or add to the top? What color thread will the person choose? One that blends, one that stands out? And many times I am told,” do what you think will look good!”
In this particular case, that is exactly what I was told but still asked a few questions to make sure I was heading in the right direction for what the owner to be has envisioned.
Staying modern was my first thought. Geometric or organic. Lines or leaf or…..
So as you can see I used a pattern called Diagonal Plaid by Patricia Ritter at Urban Elementz. Thread color was chosen to blend and lay into the orange background. Not too open and not too dense and it just had that right amount to enhance and not distract. Easy on the eyes!
This quilt is currently on display at The Quilters Trunk in Beverly, Illinois.

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