Challenge · Modern Quilting

Tribute to Yvonne Porcella

Lolipop by Judy Tucker

“Live Your BRIGHTEST Life: A Tribute to Yvonne Porcella” will be a featured art quilt exhibit hosted by Pokey Bolton at this weekend’s Quilting in the Garden in the greenhouse at Alden Lane (Livermore, California).

Quilting in the Garden at Alden Lane Nursery again offers hundreds of quilts from celebrated artists and the quilting community. These are hung for display throughout the nursery using their enormous and beautiful heritage oaks serve as both support structure and background for this wonderful 2-day display of color.  The quilts go up by 9:00 each morning supported by dozens of quilt lines. Quilts come down each night. My quilt titled “Lolipop” will be included in this years featured hosted exhibit.

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