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Simply Moderne Topiary

Have you heard of the magazine Simply Moderne?

This publication is fairly new and, in fact, NOV/DEC issue #3  came out. Yep, I am excited too!  Tell ya why in a moment.


As you look through the many inspiring pages of work and designs you will notice it is sooooo filled with info. Wonderful crafted works and patterns with just a smidge of advertising. Yes, a smidge. And choked full of templates in the back. Just enough balance for my taste and pleasure. Now, if you have a copy or are still going to Joann Fabrics or Barnes and Noble before they switch out, grab a copy.
simply moderne vol 3 3

THEN….turn to pages 54 – 57.   See it? Yep… or mine I should say.   If you look really close on page 43 , even the back of my quilt was able to be used as a table topper. I Know! exciting right?  Pinching myself…

If you have any questions on making Topiary feel free to contact me.

Oh, and have a Wonderful and Creative New Year!


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