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Finding The Right Design

Have you ever had a task that you found to have a brain block on?  Maybe mine was temporarily away or just taking a break. My customer and quilt friend, Janice H. had brought me her quilt top to enhance with longarming the right design. She really liked her fabric with the crows and liked the folk feel, this top was giving her.


I looked at many digital designs; okay hundreds.  Auditioned various designs including a leaf design, but didn’t want to make the finished quilt too seasonal. Found a design by Debra Geissler and Designs by Deb, that had a great design with a pear but adding a bird would be better for this quilt.


Okay, so if we could just add a crow……hmmmmm. I contacted Deb , sent her a close up of what I was hoping to achieve and 2 days later, DONE.


Deb was open, fast and right on the money with the design.


Happy Quilter = Happy Customer!!!!

I must say, this is the second time I have asked for a tweak, or something special from Deb and she has been a pleasure to work with.









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