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Hello New Friend

Well, as the saga continues it took me on turns and tumbles I did not see coming.

I know what colors and styles I like and which I am not so fond of.   So I thought.

As the colors played well together and I was open to playing and picking up random pieces to make the happy family, I noticed I liked the way they gave me a sense of contentment. Maybe because I did not stress over matchy matchy ideas or how was I going to live with this piece being slightly off, because it was leaving my hands. It was going to a home where no one would notice these usually tidbits that drive me batty at times.

This little project has taught me much about myself that I did not know. Opened my mind and expanded my palette.

I had been thinking and even discussed recently how my color choices have changed through the years and often with season.  Do you look at quilts and colors and think Spring?  Winter ?  Or whatever the season ?

Do you ever say,” I appreciate the work but just not my colors?”  I know I have.  May not do that now, knowing how this journey turned out.

Maybe I just pre-judged my color choices. Maybe I needed to explore something within myself. Color heals, art heals, maybe it also helps us grow and explore.

Give colors a chance that you may not have tried before. Entertain them or let them entertain you.  See where it takes you.

When you are done you can at least know you have explored, played and used your own hands to create a work love.  Or maybe not love …….okay!

Oh and the ending of this story…….it is staying in my home. We have become close friends and I am proud of taking something I turned my nose up at, and now I am proud and admire.  The colors make me feel warm and cozy.

I need my new friend, and will cherish how we met.

mine 2b mine 2 mine 2a

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