Open Studio International Quilt Festival

My schedule for Open Studio at this weekend’s International Quilt Festival is;

  • Sleeves on Quilts – Thursday, March 26 th 10:00 am until Noon
  • Paper Piecing – Thursday, March 26 th 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm
  • Beyond Basic Binding – Friday, March 27 th 10:00 until Noon

Quilt Sleeve Tutorial

Here is a tutorial I am offering at this year’s International Quilt Festival Open Studio.

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (1)

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (2)

Measure quilt back from edge to edge in the direction where the sleeve will hang. This will be your length. (top) The width will be 9 inches. (bottom)

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (5)

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (4)

Place your sleeve right side down. Fold your nine inch edge a ¼ inch in on each side. PRESS. (top) Fold another ¼ of an inch on each side. PRESS. Then machine stitch close to inner edge. (bottom)

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (6)

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (9)

Bring the bottom edge up to meet (raw edges) wrong side together. (top) With wrong sides together, sew a ¼ inch seam the length of the sleeve. Begin the seam about ½ inch from the end, backstitch, continue seam to the end, then backstitch. This prevents the tail of the thread from hanging out the end of the sleeve. Press to form a new crease at the folded edge. Baste a large stitch ¼ inch along the new folded edge. (bottom)

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (10)

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (11)

Place your hands into the sleeve rotate sleeve to position basted edge on the bottom and the stitched seam on top. (top) Position the two seams over each other. Gently press your top seam open. Press entire sleeve forming two new creased folds. (bottom)

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (12)

Take sleeve with opened seam side down against quilt backing. Center along quilt back, pin sleeve along pressed edges to the quilt back. The top of the sleeve should be about ½ inch from the top of the quilt.

Hands sew top of sleeve, being careful not to stitch through to the front of the quilt. Then hand sew bottom sleeve again being careful not to stitch through to the front of the quilt.

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (13)

Hands sew bottom edge of the sleeve sides to the back of the quilt. I recommended that you double stitch or tack the corners.

Lake House Quilts Sleeve Tutorial (14)

Remove the basting stitch to give the sleeve the needed “D” shape for proper hanging.


Mary Fons, Bias Binding & Quilty Oh My

Judy Tucker joins Mary Fons on Quilty to give you step-by-step instructions for doing bias binding on your quilt. This quilt finish allows you to do curved borders more easily because the fabric stretches. Judy tells you more about it in this informative tutorial.

Judy Tucker QNNTV TIMQ

Judy talks about the simple quilt she made at a quilting retreat. In this particular quilt, Judy re-sized every single one of her 300-plus quilt blocks. Learn more about Judy’s process for putting this quilt together. 

Finding The Right Design

Have you ever had a task that you found to have a brain block on?  Maybe mine was temporarily away or just taking a break. My customer and quilt friend, Janice H. had brought me her quilt top to enhance with longarming the right design. She really liked her fabric with the crows and liked the folk feel, this top was giving her.


I looked at many digital designs; okay hundreds.  Auditioned various designs including a leaf design, but didn’t want to make the finished quilt too seasonal. Found a design by Debra Geissler and Designs by Deb, that had a great design with a pear but adding a bird would be better for this quilt.


Okay, so if we could just add a crow……hmmmmm. I contacted Deb , sent her a close up of what I was hoping to achieve and 2 days later, DONE.


Deb was open, fast and right on the money with the design.


Happy Quilter = Happy Customer!!!!

I must say, this is the second time I have asked for a tweak, or something special from Deb and she has been a pleasure to work with.









Open Studio TAP At IQF

open studio 2014 TAP

During Open Studio, the audience was amazed with the options Lesley Riley’s Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) gives them. So often it is hard to come up with a label for your quilt, let alone write on one. This paper offers you a wide range of alternatives to add to your already finished work.


My recent quilt that was in the IQF show had a label which I used this product on. Make a ho-hum label into eye-catching.

Open Studio Paper Piecing

open studio 2014 PP Cards

Paper Piecing!  Does that mention get you excited or did you just cringe?

If you want to try your hand at it or not sure what to do with an orphan block, here is a great option. You get a free pattern with every set of cards and envelopes and it is less than a purchase of store bought cards. Make a card, send a card and have the recipient be astonished that you made it and you share a part of your creativity, too.  Wonderful scrap buster and I known…..we have scraps.