Modern Quilting

Quiltcon 2015 – Minimalist Design

Minimalist Design –The design of the quilt emphasizes extreme simplification of content and form to achieve maximum visual impact.

Quiltcon 2015 - Minimalist Design

We Are by Anne Sullivan
Santa Cruz, California

Quiltcon 2015 - Minimalist Design

Summer Tee by Leslie Lamb
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Avalon Sunrise by Colleen Wootton
Clinton, Washington (right)

Quiltcon 2015 - Minimalist Design

Map by by Carolyn Friedlander
Lake Wales, Florida

Quiltcon 2015 - Minimalist Design

Bias 3 by by Alissa Carlton
Los Angeles, California

Quiltcon 2015 - Minimalist Design

Minimal Bars by Andrew Joslyn
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Quiltcon 2015 - Minimalist Design

An Ode To The Past by Rachel Singh
Seattle, Washington (left)

Forgotten Chicago by M A Cramer
Seattle, Washington (right)

Quiltcon 2015 - Minimalist Design

Modern Mojo 2 byby Linda Thielfoldt
Troy, Michigan

Quiltcon 2015 - Minimalist Design

Brothers by Susanne Woods
Pleasanton, California

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Breath by Leanne Chahley Edmonton MQG

First Place Breathe by Leanne Chahley

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Edmonton MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Leanne Chahley

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Ascend by Nicole Neblett Triangle MQG

Second Place Ascend by Nicole Neblett

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Triangle MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Nicole Neblett

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - The White Rainbow by Shruti Dandekar and Sol by Nathalie Bearden Individual MQG

The White Rainbow by Shruti Dandekar
Sangli, Maharashtra, India (left)

Sol by Nathalie Bearden
The Woodlands, Texas (right)

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Summer Break by Amy Anderson Asheville MQG and Stair Railing by Kendra Biddle Individual MQG

Summer Break by Amy Anderson
Asheville, North Carolina (left)

Stair Railing by Kendra Biddle
Auburn, Maine (right)

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - When Oceans Rise by Amanda Hahnstreiter Austin MQG

When Oceans Rise by Amanda Hohnstreiter
Thorndale, Texas

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Self Portrait, Year Two (Beneath the Surface) by Penny Gold Individual MQG

Self-Portrait, Year Two (Beneath the Surface) by Penny Gold
Galesburg, Illinois

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Ethos by Natasa McFadyen Individual MQG

Ethos by Natasa McFadyen
Hauppauge, New York

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - That Twitch by Carol Sheridan Boston MQG

That Twitch by Caro Sheridan
Everett, Massachusetts

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Grove by Casey York St Louis MQG

Grove by Casey York
St. Louis, Missouri

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Glitch by Susan Strong Individual MQG and Deux by Colleen Woottan Seattle MQG

GLITCH! by Susan Strong
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada (left)

Deux by by Colleen Wooton
Clinton, Washington (right)

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Meandering by Pam McCallie Chattanooga MQG, Steal This Quilt by Cahwne Kimber and Pick Up Sticks by Becky Goldsmith Individual MQG

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Diamonds by Shannon Page Dallas MQG

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - MG Opposing Triangles by Katie Pedersen Seattle MQG

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Shoot The Poison Arrow by Hallie Lobosky Los Angeles MQG

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Stereo by Season Evans Seattle MQG

Stereo by Season Evans
Brooklyn, New York


Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Pixel Pusher by Caro Sheridan Boston MQG

Third Place Pixel Pusher II by Caro Sheridan

Everett, Massachusetts, Boston MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Caro Sheridan