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Quiltcon 2015 – Celebration and Winners

Quiltcon 2015 in Austin, Texas was a great celebration of modern quilting. Look below for prior postings with images from the other categories.

Quiltcon 2015 - Best Of Show

Quiltcon 2015 – Best of Show

i Quilt by Kathy York
Austin, Texas, Austin MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Kathy York

Quiltcon 2015 Improvisation - Face #1 by Melissa Averinos Individual MQG

Judge’s Choice, Janine Vangool

Face #1 by Melissa Averinos
West Barnstable, Massachusetts, Individual MQG Member
Pieced & Quilted by: Melissa Averinos Quilted by: Melissa Averinos & Suzanne Whiteside

Quiltcon 2015 - Bias Tape Challenge

First Place, Bias Tape Quilting Challenge

CPU by Katherine Jones
Chigwell, Tasmania, Australia, Tasmania, Australia MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Katherine Jones

Quiltcon 2015 - Best Machine Quilting

First Place, Best Machine Quilting

Diving Geese by Katie Pedersen
Seattle, Washington, Seattle MQG
Pieced by: Katie Pedersen Quilted by: Krista Withers

Quiltcon 2015 - Quilting Excellence

2015 Coats Award of Quilting Excellence

Coral Reef by Marla Varner
Sequim, Washington, Bainbridge Island MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Marla Varner

Quiltcon 2015 - Applique

First Place, Appliqué

Anniversary Quilt by Katrina Hertzer
Calgary, AB, Canada, Calgary MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Katrina Hertzer

Quiltcon 2015 Improvisation - The Rabbit Hole by Nydia Kehnie Individual MQG

First Place, Improvisation

The Rabbit Hole by Nydia Kehnle
Monroe, New York, Individual MQG Member
Pieced & Quilted by: Nydia Kehnle

Quiltcon 2015 Improvisation - For Tonya by Emily Coffey Ashville MQG

Judge’s Choice, Stevii Graves

For Tanya by Emily & Miriam Coffey
Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, MQG of Asheville
Pieced & Quilted by: Miriam Coffey

Quiltcon 2015 - Handwork

First Place, Handwork

Fuzhou Fujian by Patricia Lutteral
Martinez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Individual MQG Member
Pieced & Quilted by: Patricia Lutteral

Quiltcon 2015 - Modern Traditionalism

First Place, Modern Traditionalism

Long Island Modern Sampler by Kim Soper
Centerport, New York Individual MQG Member
Pieced & Quilted by: Kim Soper

Quiltcon 2015 - Small Quilt

First Place, Small Quilts

What’s the frequency, love? by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
Woodbridge, Connecticut, Southern Connecticut MQG
Pieced & Quitled by: Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

Quilcon 2015 Minimalist - Breath by Leanne Chahley Edmonton MQG

First Place, Minimalist Design

Breathe by Leanne Chahley
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Edmonton MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Leanne Chahley

Quiltcon 2015 - Group Or Bee Quilts

First Place, Group or Bee Quilts

Playing with Little Bits created by participants of Mid-Atlantic MOD 2014
Columbia, Maryland, Baltimore MQG
Pieced by: Rose Daley, Anna Levengood, Jill Stafford, Jessica Skultety, Jessica Levitt, Robin Tillsworth, Rachel Singh, and Elizabeth Timmons Quilted by: Rose Daley

Quiltcon 2015 Piecing - Flight Path by Mary Menzer Virginia Beach MQG

First Place, Piecing

Flight Path by Mary Menzer
Virginia Beach, Virginia, Virginia Beach MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Mary Menzer

Quiltcon 2015 - Use Of Negative Space

First Place, Use of Negative Space

Blackbird Fly by Krista Hennebury
North Vancouver, BC, Canada, Vancouver MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Krista Hennebury

*Sorry, no image of 7 Up by Debra Jalbert

First Place, Michael Miller Fabric Challenge

7 Up by Debra Jalbert
Clermont, Florida, Orlando MQG
Pieced & Quilted by: Debra Jalbert

Quiltcon 2015 - Youth

First Place, Youth and Judge’s Choice, Carolyn Friedlander

Rainbow Magic by Mollie McMahon
Sutton, NSW, Australia, Canberra MQG
Pieced by: Mollie McMahon Quilted by: Mollie McMahon & Jules McMahon

Quiltcon 2015 - People Choice Award

People’s Choice Award at Quilt Con 2015 went to “A Quilt for Our Bed” by Laura Hartrich and quilted by Nikki Maroon.